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Chris Mueller and Karrie Pettit, owners of Cheap Cookie Cutters sent me a set of 4 Holiday cookie cutters for review along with a discount for my fabulous readers!  Cookie cutters are extremely universal in their use. Not only can you obviously make cookies with them but they make great gifts for everyone. Here are a few gift ideas I came up with.

  1. Obviously – for making cookies
  2. Tie a decorative ribbon to the top and use as a Christmas tree ornament. This is a great idea if, like me, you get your children an ornament each year. Print out a cute label with their name and date, laminate it, punch a hole in it, thread your ribbon through the label and cutter and hang on your tree! When your child grows up, not only do they get their ornament, they also get a useful cookie cutter.
  3. Create “Cookie Jar Mix” gifts and tie a cutter on the jar. Just layer all the dry ingredients in the jar, print out the instructions on card stock, laminate and attach to your jar along with a cute cookie cutter.
  4. Soapmakers! – Make up a little gift basket with quality melt and pour soap, fragrance and powder colorant. Include a couple cute cookie cutters to be used with the soap.
  5. Salt dough or cinnamon-applesauce dough ornaments. These smell amazing and make great gifts!

As you can see, my kiddies and I had a blast making cookies. (Even more fun eating them with some yummy hot cocoa!) We decided to buy some ready made cookie dough this go around and try out our Christmas cookie cutters.

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We received the following cutters which can be purchased separately or as a 4 pc. set here for $11.99:

  1. Candy Cane – $2.99
  2. Stocking – $2.99
  3. Angel Gabriel – $2.99
  4. Christmas Tree – $2.99

GET 10% OFF Your Order!!!! Use this coupon code at checkout: 10off

My mind is already racing with ideas for our homemade batch of cookies coming up next!

There are so many different styles. There’s a cookie cutter for practically everyone! Patriotic, baby, dinosaur, tools, nature, automotive,… you name it, it’s probably there! Now, as the name implies the basic cutters found at Cheap Cookie Cutters aren’t your highest quality cutter. They work great for what they’re intended for but they aren’t heavy duty copper.

A little info from Chris:

Cheap Cookie Cutters is approx. 4 months old

We ship worldwide

We got in the cookie cutter business because “everyone loves cookie cutters” (this is a fun business), and they are fairly small (storage) and light (shipping).  We store everything ourselves, and ship everything ourselves which means several trips to the post office a week.

Our less expensive cutters (under $3) are “average quality”.  Not flimsy, but obviously not thick copper either (yes, I’m admitting they are average :- )

Our more expensive cutters (over $3) are “higher quality”.

Our less expensive cutter prices are “average” if not on the higher end of pricing compared to other sites out there (WHAT?, did he really just admit his pricing was high? :- ) will explain in a sec)

Our more expensive cutters are typically either very competitively priced, or next to impossible to find anywhere else on the planet.

Our goal is to have the LARGEST selection of cookie cutters available online by the end of 2010.  We sell “convenience” more than anything.  We take all forms of payment, our site is easy to navigate, and we are responsive to emails.

Although you can probably find a “star” or “heart” cookie cutter for less money on other sites, you will not find a “vintage Mickey Mouse”, “batman”, and “golden retriever” cookie cutter on the same site anywhere else online.  Bottom line is that in the past, if you wanted all 3, you had to search for 3 different sites, pay for shipping 3 different times, and enter your credit card information 3 different times, and triple your chances of having at least one of the cutters lost.  With our site, you save on shipping, you save on time (searching and entering info) when you order several cutters at once, and you save on risk that one or more would get lost or not arrive in time.

So, the bottom line is that yes, cookie cutters can be found in hobby and crafts stores as well but at Cheap Cookie Cutters, you can purchase the candy cane cutter for this years holiday Cookie bake-off at the same time your purchase a vintage cutter to use or have as a keepsake. You can also order CUSTOM cookie cutters! Handy and convenient!


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  1. I love their selection! They just have so many choices. Love the other ideas you came up with. My son always steals my ornaments for his PlayDoh.
    .-= =-.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love cookie cutters and I agree that they would be a great addition to a gift basket.
    .-= =-.


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