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Custom and Premade Logos, Business Cards, banners and MoreDoes your Facebook Fan page have a Timeline Cover?

Facebook Timeline Covers are a must have with the new timeline feature. They make your page stand out and help add some customization. But there are Facebook rules that you have to follow when creating one. It’s a great idea to go with a designer that knows what they are doing and knows what is and isn’t allowed. We ordered a NEW Facebook Timeline Cover for our Facebook Fan Page and some punch Punch Cards (post cards) for my Thirty-One business, courtesy of Cool Bean Design. MaryJo is the creator at CBD and her work is delightful!

I contacted her with somewhat of an idea that I had in mind. I knew the logos I wanted used and had a basic idea for the postcard, but aside from that, I was lost. I didn’t really know what I wanted them to look like so I gave MaryJo free reign and she delivered EXACTLY what I was picturing in my mind, but couldn’t seem to express, on the first go.

And it was so easy. I simply emailed the items I needed along with those few ideas and MaryJo took it from there. She emailed a proof for me to look over. She is very quick and very easy to work with. Your initial concept is usually ready to preview within 24 – 48 business hours. Everything was to my satisfaction but she does offer at least one revision if you aren’t completely satisfied with your first preview.


For the Timeline Cover, she was able to incorporate both my site logo and the Thirty-One Independent Consultant logo given to us for our marketing materials. My site and Thirty-One have very different colors but she incorporated it in a way that it still works and shows up. She used colors from the blog and made the Timeline Cover match it perfectly!


For the postcard, I knew I wanted something I could use as a “Punch Card” with my Thirty-one business. I wanted to be able to give customers some sort of incentive for placing orders. But it has to be fairly simple to use. So I asked for something using the Thirty-One Independent Consultant logo, something with 5 dots for punch holes and the basic copy that I wanted written on it. I am extremely pleased with the results!

Cool Bean Design offers Logo Design, Web Banners, Business Card Design, post Card Design and Timeline Cover Design. You can choose between pre-made and custom and the prices are very affordable! Cool Bean Design will continue to have my business, that’s for sure!

You can find Cool Bean Design on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ordered from Cool Bean Design? Let me know what you chose!

Crystal Martin
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Crystal Martin


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Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin

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  1. What does something like this cost?

  2. These designs are so exquisite! My timeline cover doesn’t fit so well, I had to adjust the picture several times before placing it in the right place.

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