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Sampler Box

Sampler Box (Aren't they pretty?)

I recently conducted a little interview with my friend Traci, owner of Sampler Village. Back when Cinnamon Hollow and Latonia’s Dream Shoppe (my first website) were gift shop sites, I participated in a similar service with business cards. I sure wish Sampler Village had been around then, so I could offer actual samples! This is a GREAT promotional tool for crafters.

When did you get started?
Sampler Village started just over 2 months ago. Our very first sample box will be available Nov. 21. The Village is all a buzz in anticipation of the sale date!
What made you decide to start the Sampler Village?
Sampler Village knows there are so many wonderful crafters and artisans out there, we want to get them noticed! By using sample boxes as a form of
advertising, the crafter gets their products noticed, used and enjoyed by many potential buyers. We want these buyer to have a “tease” of what crafters have to
offer so they come back for the full sizes!!
Do you work alone or is it a partnership?
Sampler Village is run and owned by Traci Porczynski and I am one woman show (with help from family, of course). I am WAHM with 2 wonderful boys, a perfect husband and a very cute bouvier named Magnus.
How many residents are/will be typically included in a box?
The amount of residents to the village each month will vary. Depending on how many sign up to participate for that particular month, right now for our first box Nov. 21, we have over 30 crafters and artisans.
Are there any discounts/promotions for my readers?
Sample boxes will sell for $20.00 each month shipped to USA. We are hoping to add on foreign shipping in the near future.
Mention “TCH WAHM” at checkout and I will throw in 2 additional samples to your box!Be sure to check out Sampler Village and submit YOUR samples for the December box!

Would you like to win a FREE Sample box? To enter you MUST complete these steps. these are required to enter, k?

1. Hop on over to Sampler Village and sign up for Traci’s newsletter. (The sign-up form is on the left side of her site)

2. Leave a comment letting me know you signed up.

That was easy wasn’t it? :D On Dec. 20, we will gather up the entries and choose a winner using The winner will be notified via email. The winning sample box will be available after Dec. 21, 2009.

Thank you so much for chatting with me Miss Traci, and for the special offer for Cinnamon Hollow readers. It has been a pleasure!

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