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We’re trying something new here at Cinnamon Hollow. I have a secret love of Vlogging. So I decided to start doing a video review for each product that can feasibly be tested on video and insert it at the top of a written review. This way, you can see the product in use and read some of the finer details and links as well. I apologize for the quality of the photos. They were taken in my van and came out very dark. I brightened them as much as I could but they became a bit grainy. I was going to take new photos in the house but realized the sleeve is on my seat belt…. in the van…. at work with my Hubby. I think you can still see this great sleeve though. So, here goes!

Every once in a while I fall in love with a product that is so simple, yet is a must have. That is the case with the JulesWrap Ultimate Seat Belt Sleeve.

JulesWrap Before And After

This wrap is perfect for me. It has fabric on both sides with a nice, thick padding in between and a Velcro closure running the entire length of the wrap. All you have to do to attach it is open the Velcro, wrap the sleeve around your seat belt and secure the Velcro. Then slide it up or down to the position you prefer.

JulesWrap With Velcro Closure

There are several fabric choices and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. The print that I have is Butterfly paisley and another of my favorites is Pink and Brown Paisley. (I seem to have a love of paisley). But all of the prints are really pretty. See all JulesWrap styles.

Paisley Butterfly JulesWrap Seat Belt Sleeve Pink and Brown Paisley JulesWrap Seat Belt Sleeve

So you have a really stylish wrap to protect your neck and shoulders from the awful stiffness of a seat belt. I mentioned in the video that I had gall bladder surgery back in December. The JulesWrap Seat Belt Sleeve really helps to protect the incisions on my abdomen and would be great for any one who has had any type of abdominal, chest or neck surgery.

To take your seat belt off, just slide the sleeve down as your belt retracts. It took me a moment to figure that out. At first I thought I would have to take it off each time. But I don’t. It slides easily to remove your seat belt and put it back on.  It is nice and long and really covers the length of my seat belt.


If your JulesWrap gets dirty, like when we have several little ones eating in the car (or when I get tickled mid-drink at something my kids say and dribble iced tea down the front of my shirt :D) you can easily remove the sleeve, toss it in the washer and dryer and it’s good to go again.

Not only does the JulesWrap protect your skin, it also protects your clothing. The rough edges of a seat belt can cause pilling and fraying, especially on delicate clothing. The wrap is soft and smooth and protects your clothing from that.

JulesWrap The Ultimate Seat Belt Sleeve

I totally <3 this seat belt sleeve! It’s on MY seat belt and mommy’s not sharing.

Price: $22.00

About the creator:

Creator and Designer, Julie Bush Metcalfe, a fashion lover, entrepreneur and mother of two, was inspired to create JulesWrap after ruining one too many outfits.
As a busy mom, she spends a lot of time in her car running all over town doing all the things busy moms/career women do and she was ruining t- shirts, tank tops and coveted cashmere sweaters on a daily basis.
The idea came to her to create a fun, bold patterned silky cover that protects clothes and looks good doing it and JulesWrap was born!

Connect with Jules Wrap: facebook.png  twitter_alt.png

Disclosure: I received a complimentary JulesWrap – The Ultimate Seat Belt Sleeve to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own.

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  1. Hey Crystal!!

    I wanted to come over and check out the videos you said you were doing! You’re off to a great start. I think it’s a great idea to add video to your blog mix. We can really see the product in action!

    And, you seem like a natural!! :)

    Love the idea of the seat belt sleeve too. I have a VERY long commute and that thing gets on my nerves sometimes!

    Keep it up.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I love doing the video reviews along with a written review. I need some better recording equipment but I sure am having fun with it so far!

      And I agree, those seat belts can be annoying. The JulesWrap is AWESOME!

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