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Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick | Anti Chafing Treatment

Thigh Rub Anti Chafing Treatment: Happy Curves Anti Chafe Stick

An anti chafing stick is my new best friend! Do your thighs rub together and cause chafing and you’ve been on a desperate search for a thigh rub anti chafing treatment? Or, maybe you’re like me and the hot, muggy…

DIY Peppermint Cooling Powder Recipe

Cooling Powder Recipe DIY: Stay Cool All Summer Long

Last summer, on vacation, the heat and humidity almost did me in. I was hot, sweaty, chafed and miserable! This year, I’m prepared for the Florida mugginess with an assortment of DIY essential oils recipes including my new Cooling Powder…

natural bathroom cleaner

Natural Bathroom Cleaner: Sanitize And Disinfect In 1 Step

A natural bathroom cleaner? Ooh yeah! With all the nasty, toxic cleaners out there, it’s so nice to have natural things that will clean, sanitize and disinfect my bathroom (and home). I am all about using a natural bathroom cleaner…

Ghost Tours Salem

Ghost Tours: An Excellent Way To Learn About Salem

image source Most people hear the name Salem and just think of the tales of horrific witch trials. More often than not, people are not aware of the paranormal history of the city or the famous places that have a…

creating a safer home

Creating A Safer Home This Spring: 5 Essential Tips For Any Family

Below I’m going to share 5 tips for creating a safer home this Spring. The days are getting longer and warmer, and we’ve all started looking at potential destinations for our summer vacation: these are all unmistakable signs that spring…

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