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Mermaid Theme Scented Secret Scrapbook

Kids Will Love This Mermaid Theme Scented Secret Scrapbook

Our youngest daughter s mermaid’s. In fact, she even has a mermaid tail blanket and has been begging me for a swim fin. I admit, I’ve always been fond of mermaid’s too. They are beautiful and unique. I have a fun gift idea for the mermaid loving kids in your life: Mermaid Theme Scented Secret Scrapbo....

KidsGold -14k for Kids - kids 14k gold earrings

Kids 14k Gold Genuine Birthstone Earrings

When I was a little girl, I wanted nothing than to get my ears pierced. I d all the earrings my friends were wearing. So, at age 7, I did. And I never loed back! I have piercings in my ears, 3 in each. I it. When I was a kid, I...

LEGO Stationery

Check Out This Fun LEGO Stationery

All 4 of my kids have d LEGO’s as they’ve grown up. LEGO and its licensee Santi have a brand new product called LEGO Stationery. It is cute. It is fun. And it can be used by kids and adults alike. Disclosure: I received a couple pieces of LEGO Stationery as a thanks for posting, as a...

Support your athlete

Help Your Young Athlete Reach Their Full Potential

When Clay was young he was your typical jock, athlete. He d sports and his favorite game to play was basketball. He grew up in a tiny, rural area called Nonesuch. It was seriously one of those “blink and you miss it” places. Basically, it was a road with a school and a country store....