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Are My Assets In Danger If My Spouse Gets In A Car Accident?

Car accidents are often than not a stressful event for everyone involved. The consequences of a crash can lead to physical, emotional and financial damage. If you or your spouse are involved in a car accident, it can also impact your marital assets, especially if you are going through a divorce. There are various...

Financial Planning Tips For Divorcees

Financial Planning Tips For Divorcees: Protecting Your Assets And Your Future

It is no secret that divorce is a complex affair. Both financially and emotionally, divorce forces couples to transition to a new lifestyle, housing and financial goals. During such draining times, separating emotions from important financial decisions can be overwhelming, but protecting your financial assets should always be a priority.  If you are drafting divorce...

Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring: A Guide For Couples (2023)

When considering an engagement ring, there are several factors to remember, such as your partner’s style, personality, and preferences. Finding a ring that suits your partner’s taste and fits comfortably on their finger is essential. A silver amethyst ring might be perfect if your partner s unique and colorful pieces. Amethyst is a beautiful purple...

Steps To Take Before Divorce

4 Steps to Take Before Getting A Divorce

Before getting a divorce, there are several steps to take to ensure you are dealing with matters in the best way possible. Reading up on the latest divorce news and updates on sites like will provide you with details on the new no-fault divorce laws, children’s issues, international divorce, and pre-nuptial agreements. However,...

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Being Supportive Of Your Partner Even After A Split: Our Top Tips

Divorce is always difficult, even when the terms seem to be amicable enough. This can be especially true of splitting from your partner of several years and there are children involved. Just as when you were living under the same roof, there are bound to be times when there is a disagreement over the kids....