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Risks You Should Know Before Buying A Used Engine

Replacing the engine in a vehicle can be a costly venture. Still, it’s something most vehicle owners will face at some point. On average, engines last for between 150,000 and 200,000 miles though some exceptions exist. When the time comes to replace an engine, purchasing a new one is often recommended. Considering the cost of...


Top Tips For Buying A Car From A Dealership

Most people purchase a car by taking out a loan. If you have a loan, ensure the dealership pays off your old auto loan before the sale closes. Never negotiate based on monthly payments. Dealers like those at Turner Kia will move around other variables to hit your payment target, and you’ll pay than you wanted....


Tips For Finding The Best Chevy Dealers

Working with dealers you can trust when shopping for a new car is essential. Individual sellers on aren’t likely to have any customer service experience, while dealerships are the opposite. Learn how you can benefit from a reputable dealer’s excellent reputation and commitment to customer service. Have a History of Success When loing for a new...

off-roading bull bars

Bull Bars For Trucks: A Must-Have For Heavy-Duty Off-Roading

When you venture into the rugged world of off-roading with your trusty truck, it’s a thrilling journey filled with unexpected challenges and exhilarating terrain. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice seeking adrena-pumping experiences, your truck’s safety and durability are paramount.  That’s where bull bars come into play, transforming your truck into an off-road...