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Moana Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Download These Fun Moana Coloring Pages And Activity Sheets

Disney’s newest creation, Moana, will be hitting theaters the day before Thanksgiving, November 23, 2016. My kid shave seen all the previews and they are sted! The younger two are begging Clay and me to take them to the theater to see it. I think that might just be a great pre-Holidays activity! To tide...

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Activity Sheets

When I was a kid our end of the year tests at school always had two words in our vocabulary section that repeated year after year. Every kid remembered them and made jes about it throughout school. Those two words? “A yonker is a young man” and ” A baloo is a bear”. (I’m really...


Zootopia Coloring Pages And Printables

Here are some really fun Zootopia ables. This pack includes 7 Zootopia coloring pages, a matching game and a hexaflexagon. Are your kids excited for the release of Disney’s Zootpia? Mine sure are. They the previews they’ve seen so far and they coloring pages and activities from their favorite movies. So I thought...