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Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Decorate Your Yard With Crab Pot Christmas Trees

In year’s past Clay went all out decorating the yard and eaves of the house with Christmas lights. Last year, he had an umbilical hernia and was laid up for 12 weeks. So no decorating for him last year. Instead, we to it easy with laser lights and such. This year, we decided that since that...

Crab Pot Christmas Trees Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Decorate Your Outdoor Area Easier With These Christmas Trees!

Do you decorate for Christmas? I do! I putting up our Christmas tree and decorations on the inside but I also decorating outside. Clay los forward to putting up the Christmas lights and outdoor Christmas decorations every year. This year, we have something a little easier to decorate with. To go along with out...

Nucam Laser Christmas Light Projector

Easy Home Decorating With Laser Christmas Lights

Last year Clay and I noticed some really cool Christmas lights. They immediately caught our eye and I wanted some but had no idea what they were called or where we could get them. I couldn’t really do a web search because I didn’t’ know what to search! This year, though, they were a little...