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3 Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

Natural plant products, such as Sativa, CBD, marijuana, and hemp, which is one of the most commonly used products, have been becoming increasingly popular and pet owners are wondering about using these products for their dogs. Some of the most common questions people have when it comes to hemp oil for dogs, is it safe,...


The Evolution Of Modern Hemp Industry

Decades ago, hemp was one of the top cash crops in the US and surrounding regions. It contributed in building the US economy but later experienced a huge downfall. At last, the hemp industry is again making a comeback even though now it is not largely used in the same way as before. In the...

CBD For Pets

CBD for Pets? What are the Latest Trends in the Animal Care Industry?

In 2018, the annual spending in the pet industry stood at approximately $73 billion. The expenditure is set to increase in the coming year, as new trends emerge in the industry. One trend that is actively shaping the pet industry is the spending on CBD products for pets. Most of the ingredients used in pet...