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Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer

If you’re a fan of Marvel and, in particular Thor, I have something you’re gonna wanna see! Embedded in this post is the Thor Love And Thunder Trailer! Some of you may have already seen the movie, in theater, but if not here you go! Thor: Love and Thunder arrives on Digital September 8 and 4K...

Santa Fake: DVD Cover

Santa Fake: Check Out This Delightful New Spin On Christmas Movies

Clay and I are big fans of Christmas movies. We do the typical Hallmark movies in July and again after Thanksgiving (or before). We watch Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story, Christmas Carol, Grinch…. you name it. We try to get in all the classics each year. But, we also try to add, at...

The Dove Channel

Gift Idea: Give Wholesome Programming With Dove Channel

I don’t know about you but I am really tired of sitting down with my family to watch a television show and having to cover their eyes and ears part way through to keep them from seeing or hearing something inappropriate. Call me old fashioned if you want but I don’t want my young children...