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NOVICA Face Masks

NOVICA NEW Handmade Cloth Face Masks And Sleeveless Kimono!

I really NOVICA and have written about them in the past. (read that here) It is a shopping site full of items handmade by artisans around the world! In the face of the global pandemic, many of their artisans have turned their talents to making cloth face masks to support themselves and their families...

Novica - Handmade Gifts - Fierce Dragon Ring

Give Handmade Gifts Made By Novica Artisans

I’ve always d giving and receiving handmade gifts. When my kids make me something with their own hands, I know that and care has gone into each creation. The same can be said about the artisans selling their wares through Novica. I received a gift code to keep and one to give away as...