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oNecklace Personalized Anklet

This Personalized Anklet Makes A Great Holiday Gift!

Do you all remember me telling you how much I adore personalized and monogrammed jewelry? If not, you can read about it here, here, here and here. I may have a little problem! 😂 nah There is something just so icate loing about personalized jewelry. My newest is a personalized anklet with my initial...

oNecklace Personalized Name Bangle

Personalized Name Bangle: A Unique And Custom Holiday Gift Idea

One of my favorite on jewelry stores is oNecklace! I’ve worked with them several times, in the past. (see links to past coverage below) When I want a new piece of jewelry, especially customized jewelry, I always search their website first. I’ve teamed up with these kind folks to show you their personalized name bangle, a...

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry

Give The Gift Of Personalized Jewelry For The Holidays

There is a saying that women from the south to have their initials monogrammed on everything. I suppose that might be true because I know I sure do! Even my jewelry. I LOVE wearing personalized jewelry! I recently teamed up with oNecklace to show you some of their personalized jewelry that would be perfect...