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Why Should I Join A Boat Club Instead Of Renting A Boat?

Boating has been something that you enjoyed for a very long time. It might have started when you were a child and your parents to you out on the water. Now you have grown up and you may have a family of your own. You have the itch to boat. But you are wondering whether...

how to host a tea party

How To Host A Tea Party

There are many great reasons to host an afternoon tea party. Two of the best are that itโ€™s inexpensive to plan and itโ€™s simple to arrange. You donโ€™t even really need a reason to throw a tea party other than you want to gather with friends. The Tea All good tea parties should be focused...

Outdoor Entertaining: Pure White LED Ropelight

Light Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

One of my favorite things growing up was my mom and dad’s large, wooden deck on the back of their house. It had a tin roof over part of it, decorative lights, ceilings fans and tables and chairs. Their big grill was out there and it was just this perfect area for outdoor entertaining. I...