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Chicken Coop - Raising Chickens

Follow Along As We Learn About Raising Chickens

A year ago I would have never imagined that I would be raising chickens in 2018, or ever for that matter. But here I am, raising chickens! Our new-to-us homestead is around 3 acres so, while we don’t have a huge farm, we do have a decent sized homestead, capable of raising a few animals...

Tips for Maintaining Your Car

Tips For Maintaining Your Car

We spend so much time driving our vehicle’s, I think we often times forget to do regular maintenance on them. Aside from getting gas, it seems like we forget to maintain what’s under the hood until that pesky check engine light comes on! I have some quick tips for maintaining your car. Ok, first things first:...

How To DIY Mermaid Hair At Home

Mermaid Hair. How I Bleached And Colored My Hair At Home.

Back in the summer, my sister-in-law and I decided to give ourselves mermaid hair for our trip to the beach. She has blonde hair so she was all set to color. I had a crap ton of brown dye in mine. It had gotten too dark and needed to bleach it to get the colors...

Our homesteading journey

Homesteading: Out With The Old And In With The New!

Our homesteading journey: Last year, our landlord of 9 years decided to up and sell all of his dozens of properties, leaving the tenants to buy or move. We’d lived there for 9 years and while we weren’t necessarily prepared to move, we had no plans to buy that house and live there forever either....

Coach Purse Giveaway

Enter To Win A Gorgeous Bag In Our Coach Purse Giveaway

Welcome to our Coach Purse Giveaway Once again, I have a fantastic giveaway for you, that I am totally jealous of! Do you want a new designer purse? Together with my friends we’re giving you a chance to win an awesome Coach purse. This elegant black Coach Mini City Zip Tote. It’s in a...