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We adore our pets and we love sharing their cute little faces and funny antics with you! In this archive, you will also find useful products and items that will help you in raising and caring for your beloved pets.

Our furry kids include 2 dogs, a cat and a ferret. We hope to include things in our pets section that will be useful for these and other types of pets.

This is an old picture when we only had Jasper & Honey. We now also have Millie and Junkus (ferret). I need to get photos of them up! Over the years, we’ve had other pet-babies that have since left our family. They included dogs that were rescued and re-homed, goldfish, hermit crabs, chickens and cats that appeared out of nowhere & disappeared the same way 🤣! Some of those, sadly, passed away and others went to live with other family members as they moved. We love pets and do what we can to keep them in healthy, safe homes, most always with family.

Jasper and Honey

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