Must Haves For Tent Camping

We recently created a series featuring our must haves when we go tent camping. We have several items on our camping list that we take on each camping trip. Clay and I love staying in the more secluded, or primitive, areas of the campground (for privacy), but, I’m not super outdoorsy, so I still like to have some creature comforts. I guess you could say we combine primitive camping with “glamping”.

Hey, it can be done!

Our Tent Camping Must Haves

On this page you will find links to our series of posts surrounding the items we deem “must haves for tent camping” as well as a downloadable list (click to jump to list) of what we use. I’ve also have a handy downloadable camping packing list. If you find something useful, leave a comment on that post. We’d love to hear from you!

This list features links to items we’ve personally reviewed as well as affiliate links to items we plan to purchase for our own camping experience! If you make a purchase using one of our affiliate links, we’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Click the button below to download a list of these “Tent Camping Must Haves” to come back to later. Then head over to each post or link to check out some of the items we personally use.

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Pacific Breeze Cabana & Loungers

Patriot Pantry 72 Hour Survival Kit

QuikCamo Quik-Cover Headwear

AcuRite Travel Alarm Clock & Emergency Flashlight

Hiking and Camping

These heaters are listed as safe, indoor heaters. If you’re like us and love to camp in the fall, a heater is a nice item to have on hand for chilly, autumn nights!

Quick Dry Simwear

Mosquito Lantern

DIY Bug Repellent (recipe found here) AND Bug Away Roll-On 10ml and Bug Away Essential Oil in case I need more.
Bug Away
Bug Away Roll-On 10ml

Rocky Mountain Oils Bug Away

Portable Charger

Air Mattress or Camping Cot

Camp StoveThis is the one we personally use and love

Sleeping Bag

Blankets – here and here

Mess Kit here and here

Various styles of Camp Kitchen Set Up – here, here, here and here

One of our favorite sites for camping kitchen supplies is Camp Chef. They have everything from grills to cutlery!

Camp Chef Outdoor Cooking
Camping Tips To help keep you cool

Click here to also download our Camping Packing Checklist


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