Cinnamon Hollow: All About Us And What We Offer

I am a blogger encouraging folks to live their life one adventure at a time while also focusing on beauty, health and lifestyle. From time to time I also like to showcase my adorable pets with my family.

I know that just because I follow a certain pathway in life, not all my followers do! I also share content that isn’t “crunchy”, low glycemic, natural or holistic. I try to encompass everyone’s lifestyle choices and share things for everyone.

I enjoy writing blog posts, crafting social media content and creating videos that showcase my family’s travel adventures as well as lifestyle products and services that make life easier and fun.

Along with travel and family, I enjoy pursuing a healthier lifestyle through food. Favorite dishes include low glycemic ingredients along with healthy fats and low-carb options. While  I don’t follow the KETO lifestyle, specifically, many of my recipes and favorite foods fit nicely. Although I follow a healthier way of eating, I do enjoy crafting a nice cocktail from time-to time, to help unwind from a stressful week.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about me, be sure to check me out on social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Travel Lover | Pet Mama | Beauty Junkie | Health & Wellness | Essential Oils | Low Glycemic – Healthy Fats – Low Carb – Keto Inspired Food Enthusiast | Cocktails | DIY Mom

Cinnamon Hollow is our blog home away from home. This page gives you a little glimpse into our personal lives and our Cinnamon Hollow life.

About Us: Cinnamon Hollow

As you can see in the photo above, my husband, Clay, and I have been together forever. We became boyfriend/girlfriend at 14, and have been married since we were 19. Several years after getting married we welcomed our first child. Needless to say, our love is for the long haul! We have 4 children, a son and 3 daughters,  ranging in ages from school age to Adult as well as a puppy dog named Jasper and a dog named Millie and a cat named Honey as well.

Clay and I both love the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee as well as coastal Georgia, the Gulf Of Mexico (particularly Florida) and other states. We love taking photos and writing about our stays and the fun activities we do while on vacation. Traveling, doing things together and just being goofy is an integral part of our family. Most of our travel content is now featured on our sister travel site: Martin Family Adventure .

These are our goofy pets. 

How We Got Started

Cinnamon Hollow started as a craft site where I shared handcrafted, homespun and primitive gifts, soaps, etc. Now, this blog is a place where I write about health, food, beauty, house and home, and pets with an additional focus on travel, encouraging folks to live their life one adventure at a time

If I find a product or service that I absolutely love and can’t live without, I share it! Technology gadgets and entertainment are also big on the “Fun” list so I feature as many Disney/Pixar films and movie trailers as possible along with downloads and printables. When the Martin Family travels, I make sure to highlight each trip and the activities we participated in. That way, you can learn about new places to visit! Be sure to check out our new dedicated travel site as well as the travel section of this website.

My husband, Clay, and I both love to cook so you’ll also find several recipes here on the blog. I follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating. It focuses on low glycemic foods so I try to offer low carb recipes that my family loves to eat as well as every day foods that are quick and easy.

Causes and charities are near and dear to our hearts. So you will also find posts and social media status updates surrounding our favorite causes like Alzheimer’s Awareness as they fit.

I enjoy doing crafts using my Cricut Explore Air 2 and creating bath and body and skincare recipes using essential oils. While I don’t share crafts, too often, I do love to share essential oils and EO recipes as part of our health and wellness and beauty sections.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit about us be sure to check us out on social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok.

You can also find me at Vacation Maybe. I am very proud to be a  Titanic Pigeon Forge Mom Blogger, Roto-Rooter Ambassador, Biz Ambassador, Purex Insider, US Family Guide Mom’s Connect Member, and affiliate/ambassador for many brands including Cricut, THM, and ButcherBox just to name a few!

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