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DryFins Swimwear For Men

We may not have headed to the ocean this summer but we headed to the beach. At the lake!  There’s sun, sand and water and that’s all we needed to enjoy a quick weekend getaway with the kids. Along with family and friends, we headed to Kentucky Lake for 3 days of camping and swimming fun. I love the water but hate the fact that swimwear for men typically chafe and take forever to dry.

Kentucky Lake: DryFins Swimwear For Men

We teamed up with DryFins Swimwear and received a complimentary pair of men’s board shorts to put to the test on our recent trip.


Crystal, the kids and I planned on getting in the lake and to do so I needed a new pair of swimming trunks. The pair I had were old and have that mesh lining in them. I hate that thing! It rubs, it chafes and it’s downright miserable to wear when wet. I usually end up just cutting it out. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to trying out these DryFins swim shorts and here’s why.

They have a liner but it’s not mesh! You can see it pulled out in the following photo.

DryFins Swimwear For Men

Instead, they have a silky, quick-dry liner that fits like a pair of boxer briefs or bike shorts. The fabric is really soft. It has a silky texture to it making the shorts very comfortable to wear. They look good dry too so I was able to wear them all day at the campground as well as at the lake.

DryFins Swimwear For Men

These board shorts have two deep pockets on the front as well as one with a hook/loop closure on the back to hold keys, wallet, etc. Just remember to take them out before you get in the water. Nobody wants a soggy wallet or dripping cell phone.

DryFins Swimwear For Men

The waist band is elastic and also has a tie to tighten them with. I really like the length of these shorts. They are board shorts and come to the knee. I don’t like swim trunks that are really short. I prefer the longer ones like these.

The DryFins swimwear for men held up great and I didn’t experience any chafing or rubbing from the liner when we were out of the water.

DryFins Swimwear For Men

They are available for both adult men and boys and come in blue, red and green and several different sizes.

I’m glad we happened upon this brand of swimwear for men. I’d definitely recommend these DryFins swimming trunks to my guy friends.

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