Light Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

One of my favorite things growing up was my mom and dad’s large, wooden deck on the back of their house. It had a tin roof over part of it, decorative lights, ceilings fans and tables and chairs. Their big grill was out there and it was just this perfect area for outdoor entertaining. I loved that my mom had plenty of lighting for guests to see at nighttime.

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One type of lighting that she had that worked perfectly was rope lighting. She strung it just below the deck railing and it added so much great light without really attracting a ton of moths and mosquitoes. I always said that if Clay and I ever had a deck that was one thing I wanted to copy from my mom.

Outdoor Entertaining: Pure White LED Ropelight

We have a smaller wooden deck on the house we’re currently living in that we have never decorated or used for outdoor entertaining.  I want to use that space for cookouts and parties but I need some lighting for it. I was searching for outdoor lighting and I found just the right led rope light. This rope light is bright white, not that yellowy white. It will be plenty bright for outdoor entertaining and provide all the light we need for family and friends to see.

It’s 18 feet long so it will go all the way around our deck railing. The LED lights make it more energy efficient too. The way the LED lights are made into the tubing allows it to be able to form around the edges of the railing or as edging around the landscaping at the bottom of the deck.

It can be cut approximately every 36 inches for a near custom length, with a maximum single run of 18′. It also includes its own accessories for mounting (1-6ft SJTW Power Cord + TS-A6, 1 End Caps, 10 Mounting Caps, 20 Screws) and is UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. So it’s perfect for indoor parties, outdoor entertaining, Christmas decor, etc.

I can’t wait to get our deck decor finished and finally be able to use the space for outdoor entertaining!

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