Gift Idea For Artists And Crafters: Smart Art Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. You can get monthly or quarterly boxes filled with beauty products, items for kids, shaving products, organic foods, snacks, craft beers and even pet supplies. You can also get really cool boxes filled with art supplies and a craft idea with a subscription to Smart Art Box. Here is a great gift idea for artists and crafters!

This item is featured on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

I received a complimentary Smart art Box to try out for myself. All opinions are strictly my own.

I love doing crafts and I love learning new techniques and new things to create. I’m not always the best at a given craft but I love to try. And I really enjoy doing art projects with my kids. I was very excited to receive a Smart Art Box and dive right into creating a masterpiece. I’ve never painted on canvas. I was and still am excited to do so!

I had just finished taking photos of the actual Smart Art Box and was getting ready to begin painting when my husband,  Clay, started having pain around his belly button and it had bulged out and was very red. A trip to the ER diagnosed him with an Umbilical Hernia. A visit to the surgeon the the next day decided he needed surgery within 48 hours. And that was that. Anything else just had to wait! These photos show you all the awesome goodies that are packed inside. Seriously, I have no idea how they crammed so much inside this little box!

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to work on my art project and won’t until after Christmas. I’ll post photos of my finished project just as soon as I can!

Smart Art Box

My Smart Art Box was the December Acrylic Painting Project and included:

  • Creative Inspirations Acrylic (6 PCS)
  • Simply Simmons Oil and Acrylic Brush Wallet (3 PCS)
  • 10-Well Plastic Paint Palette
  • Mona Lisa Pink Soap 4OZ
  • Creative Mark All Edge Media Cotton Canvas 8″X10″
  • Educational Pamphlet

As mentioned, above, my box contains 6 bottles of Acrylic paint in white, yellow, red, blue, black and green and a paint palette to paint from. It has one bottle of pink soap and three paint brushes along with a canvas to paint my masterpiece on and a project idea. The instructions look like they are going to be very easy to follow. I hope my painting looks good enough to display!

A monthly subscription is currently $49.95 (as of 12/15) and contains full-sized art supplies. There is a new medium every month and the box contains all the supplies you need to complete an art project, inspiration included.

Past boxes have featured projects such as Spanish fans, clay sculpting, calligraphy, charcoals, carving and mosaic tiles. I would be excited to receive any of the boxes. Each one has a ton of goodies inside!

Message From Smart Art Box

Smart Art Box

Smart Art was created by a small group of friends, driven by the desire to see the world and experience the culture created by historical visionaries. Along the way, they found inspiration in the many mediums found everywhere, from the poorest of villages, to the most prestigious of cities. Each medium expressed the artist’s individual communities, heritage and personality. For this reason, inspired by the passion portrayed in their art, a new determination was born to pursue and discover the many exciting art mediums across the world.

Together, we are committed to ensuring artists understand art and it’s many mediums throughout time in order to create a better understanding of the world around us. Our mission is to deliver products that kindle creativity, stimulate exciting new techniques and establish a deeper connection with art for everyone.

Smart Art Box

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I really am excited to get started on my painting. Clay is healing nicely and once I get the Holidays out of the way I plan on taking a few hours to myself to sit down and work on it. I will post an update post showing you how I did!

If you have a crafter or artist on your Holiday shopping list, a Smart Art Box subscription would make the perfect gift!

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