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Y’all I am so into Halloween decorating this year! We’re going with a “witchy” theme for this years decor. I want spooky, but cute. Nothing horror, just sort of Gothic cute if that makes any sense? I LOVE using my Cricut to create fun decor. I have an affiliate link (no charge but I get credit) for you to access a FREE Halloween SVG Bundle from Craft House SVG.

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FREE Halloween SVG Bundle
Craft House SVG Free Halloween SVG Bundle

Download This FREE Halloween SVG Bundle!

Click the button below to go download this adorable FREE Halloween SVG bundle from Craft House SVG.

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You can see some of the free designs in the photo above. You can make cute Halloween signs, iron t-shirts, etc. One of my favorite things to make is seasonal lamp shades. (pillow cases too).

For the lamp shades, I just buy a canvas lamp shade and then cut my design onto permanent vinyl. Press it on and you’re done. You then have a super quick and easy decoration.

In the image below, I used a black canvas lamp shade and white permanent vinyl. Our shade doesn’t get hot with the lamp on so we also added a little creepy cloth for a finishing touch. These were images purchased online. It was awhile ago so I honestly don’t remember where I got them. The images in the FREE Halloween SVG bundle will be perfect though! The “Hey Boo” design is adorable and would be great on a lamp shade or pillow case.

(click images to enlarge)

Along with the lamp shade I made a few years ago, here is a look at some of our spooky witchy decor for this Halloween. We have more! I just haven’t put it all out yet. Plus, I’m going to make some things using the free Halloween SVG bundle.

Hmmm, these images are blurry and I apologize. We all had the ‘rona last week and I think it messed with my eyes a little. It was miserable, y’all! But we’re on the mend. Anyway, I’ll try to get clearer photos for you.

(click images to enlarge)

I purchased the majority of our Halloween decor at the Dollar Tree! I love that place. I get nearly all our decor from there and love that you can order in bulk online at Dollar Tree. The little potion books are boxes that came from there. Some of the bottles as well. We purchased labels online years ago and just reprint them each year as needed and add them to empty bottles. My favorite “potion bottle” was actually made from an empty Patrón Tequila bottle! It has a wooden cork and the shape is just perfect.

So, anyway, that’s a small glimpse of our 2022 Halloween decor. The indoor decorations, that is. We haven’t really done much outside this year. Like I said, we were all sick so I missed out on 2 full weeks in October of doing any crafting or decorating. I was busy in Sept and put it off, then got sick. I’m feeling better so I hope I can get a few things made with this adorable Halloween svg bundle!

Remember, if you don’t have a Cricut, for a limited time, my readers can

Save $50 OFF the Cricut Air 2! Valid through 10/22.


That’s the one I have and I adore it!

If you download it and use it, leave me a comment here on the blog or tag me on Instagram @cinnamonhollow with a photo of what you make. I’d love to see your Halloween creations!



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