Christmas Dinner Shopping List Printable

A few weeks ago, I created and shared with you a printable Thanksgiving Dinner Shopping List and now I have a Christmas Dinner Shopping List Printable for you!

I know how stressful and brain wracking the Holiday season can be. If you’re like me, you either forget to put everything on your list or you completely forget to take your list to the store! I can’t solve the last problem, but, if you prepare a turkey dinner with all the fixings for Christmas, I can give you a starter for your Christmas and holiday dinner shopping list. Just click the download link below to download and print your Christmas Dinner list.

Christmas Dinner Shopping List

Christmas Dinner Shopping List



Christmas Shopping List

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In our family, we used to do that big meal for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. But as I got older and our family grew, we began doing the big meal just once, on Thanksgiving, and then having appetizers for Christmas. I do still occasionally, prepare a smaller version for just me, Clay and our kids.

What types of food do you prepare over the Holidays? I love to learn different traditions and customs from around the US and around the World! Leave a comment, below, and tell us your families Holiday traditions.

If you’re preparing a big turkey dinner, I hope this Christmas Dinner shopping list is helpful for you!

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