Spooky Science: 5 Easy Educational Halloween Experiments #printables

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Kids Spooky Science Experiments

Kids Spooky Science Experiments

I have some super Educational Halloween Experiments printable activities for you and your child that are educational, scientific and fun! All are designed to be done with everyday materials and parental supervision (mostly to deal with any messes). Here’s what you’ll find: Bubbling Potion, Creepy Slime, Ghost Writing, Glow-in-the-Dark Mad Scientist Jars and the Ghostly Glove

Spooky Science: 5 Easy Educational Halloween Experiments

Glowing lights, eerie sounds and ghostly images….Halloween is the perfect opportunity to introduce science concepts to your children and explore changes in matter and chemical reactions.   By using ordinary household items, parents can easily create these Spooky Science experiments compiled by the education team at Kiddie Academy® (www.KiddieAcademy.com).  Set them up one at a time as boredom-busters, or incorporate all of them into a mad scientist-themed party! Your kids will have so much fun, they won’t realize that they’re learning.

“Conducting fun holiday-themed experiments allows children to use their senses to see, touch, hear and smell science concepts.  In fact, by conducting these Spooky Science activities, children are making predictions, observations and testing hypotheses, just like real scientists,” according to Richard Peterson, Kiddie academy’s vice president of education.

To download a set of free Spooky Science activity cards with full directions for five easy Halloween projects from Kiddie Academy, along with an explanation of the science behind the magic, click the handy download link below.

Or download by visitting the Kiddie Academy blog at: https://www.kafamilyessentials.com/index.php/2013/10/07/spooky-science-5-easy-educational-halloween-experiments/

NOTE: These printables are copyright and courtesy of Kiddie Academy. They have been used with permission and added here to aid in the download process.

After downloading your printables, head over and check out the awesome Kiddie Academy Spooky Fun Facts #Infographic!

What is your favorite Halloween craft? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

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