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Digital vs. Traditional: The Best Mediums For Customized Artworks

Art has been an integral part of human history, expressing emotions, capturing moments, and reflecting the beauty of the world around us. As technology advances, there is a growing debate about the benefits and drawbacks of digital art compared to traditional art mediums. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, artistic processes, flexibility, impact...

cricut joy xtra

Have You Seen The New Cricut Joy xtra?

there is a NEW Cricut cutting machine out called the Cricut Joy Xtra. The Cricut Joy is the smaller machine in the series and is perfect for making stickers, smaller jobs like cup labels, quick replacement pieces. etc. It's pretty versatile to be so small and the new version is even better!

old photo

Restore Old Photos: 3 Ways To Try

Old photographs are precious. They have a lot of value as a memento, an heirloom, or an artifact from another era. And those little pieces of paper require huge care to stay intact for a long time. But what can be done to mend the damage that is already done? Quite a lot, actually. A...

December Cricut Deals

Grab These December Cricut Deals!

I have a ton of Cricut deals for you! I’m too tired to break it all down. I’m sorry. So I just grabbed my links and pasted them here for you to browse through. I adore my Cricut Explore Air 2. I use it year round for making t-shirts, pillow cases, adding names to stockings...

FREE Halloween SVG Bundle

Download This FREE Halloween SVG Bundle – Limited time only!

Y’all I am so into Halloween decorating this year! We’re going with a “witchy” theme for this years decor. I want spoy, but cute. Nothing horror, just sort of Gothic cute if that makes any sense? I LOVE using my Cricut to create fun decor. I have an affiliate link (no charge but I get...