Have You Seen The New Cricut Joy xtra?

Y’all know I love using my Cricuit Explore Air 2, Cricut Joy and EasyPress to create themed pillow cases, vacation t-shirts, cup decals and more, right? I’m not sure why I don’t post more about them. Life and time I guess. But I adore using them! Well, there is a NEW Cricut cutting machine out called the Cricut Joy Xtra. The Cricut Joy is the smaller machine in the series and is perfect for making stickers, smaller print jobs like cup labels, quick replacement pieces. etc. It’s pretty versatile to be so small and the new version is even better!

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Here is a photo of a fall pillow case I made several years ago using my Cricut products.

fall pillow case I made using my Cricut

It’s not perfect. Some of the green vine is peeling off and you can see glue residue where I moved some of the leaves, but that’s ok. I’ll just remake it when it’s time. The Cricut Joy Xtra would be perfect for remaking that part! The rest is still in place really well. I attribute the falling off to the fact that it was only my 2nd layered iron-on piece I’d ever made. Not too bad for my first attempts!

Anyway, the new machine in town has a bigger cutting area and print to cut capability. Many folks wanted that addition to the Joy because it makes creating stickers so much easier!

Do you own any Cricut products? If so which is your favorite and, if not, which do you hope to get?

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