4 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathrooms are among the most frequently used home areas, making them one of the most common rooms for renovation. A bathroom renovation is an excellent and simple way to give your shower room and home a new look. Here, You note that Your Bathroom Remodeling in Palm Beach County With Modern Amenities & Designs also We have the skills and tools necessary to execute any vision you have for your new bathroom.

Renovating your bathroom is a big project that requires a little spending and can seem quite complicated when working with a small space. However, through careful planning, finding the right bathroom remodel contractor, and picking the right design, you can transform your old-fashioned bathroom into a luxury one on a shoestring budget. Here are some essential tips for bathroom renovation. 

Bathroom Renovation Tips
  1. Develop a bathroom layout

You may need to keep the new bath plumbing systems close to the existing bathroom plumbing, especially if you want to save a significant amount of money on demolition and renovation. However, if the designer discovers outdated plumbing or wiring, they will likely suggest you gut out the old pipes and wires. This is to allow the installation of the new ones and change of location.  

Pedestal sinks are well known for making a room appear more spacious, while transparent glass shower doors are the most preferable compared to the shower curtains on the tub. You can also consider using a huge mirror as an alternative to a small medicine cabinet mirror. This will visually double the space around your vanity area.

An experienced interior designer from Easy Reno can help you make the best use of a small space. They will also help you customize a larger layout to meet your unique requirements.

  1. Choose the right bathroom materials

Your bathroom should be able to withstand extreme temperature changes, significant humidity swings, and water exposure. In addition, it should be easy to clean, appear attractive, and withstand harsh chemicals.

The best bathroom products will last a lifetime and appear brand new for much longer. They will maintain their high aesthetic value and won’t be susceptible to dampness issues. When considering materials for your bathroom, it’s essential to factor in both functionality and aesthetics. Brick veneer, for example, can be an interesting choice, as it offers a unique, textured look while being durable enough for moisture-prone environments like bathrooms. However, as with any material, ensure it is properly sealed and maintained to retain its appearance and prevent water damage. Make sure to pick high-quality, impermeable tile in your design and avoid cheap fiberboard cabinets that can quickly fail or swell in a damp environment.

  1. Bathroom lighting is the key

While an elegant finish on faucets will undoubtedly make a bathroom look elegant, it’s a good idea to consider installing adequate and luxurious bathroom lighting. The easiest way to light a bathroom is by installing a single diffuse light in the center of the ceiling. Avoid installing lighting directly over light-colored countertops and instead place them close to the wall over a well-designed vanity lighting to minimize light when looking in the mirror.

  1. Consider bathroom ventilation

Bathrooms are naturally susceptible to dampness, and this issue is even worse if you live in humid areas. Based on the building code, all bathrooms should have several ventilations, either bathroom exhaust fans or an adequately sized window. This can help keep the occupants in good health and prevent pink mold in bathroom showers. For bathroom exhaust fans, examine their exhaust capacity and noise levels. Due to the small bathroom space, even a moderately loud bathroom fan may sound too noisy.  


A bathroom renovation can be a golden opportunity to upgrade your bathroom to a space you have always dreamed of. However, transforming your outdated bathroom into a modern and functional one needs expert ideas and services. With these tips, you can change your bathroom into an oasis.

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