3 Creative Crafting Activities Worth Trying In 2022

Are you in search of a new hobby for 2022? Do you want to find an activity that is relaxing yet entertaining at the same time? Hobbies are a wonderful way to relieve stress, give your mind and body a chance to unwind and do something that is entirely for you. The good news is that the category of hobbies is vast with plenty of new and different activities for you to pursue. Here we’ll take a look at three creative crafting activities worth trying in 2022 that will have you tapping into your inner artist.

3 Creative Crafting Activities Worth Trying In 2022


If you love wearing jewellery and see it as the finishing touch to any outfit, why not take the reins and make your own unique pieces? Beading can be a fabulous hobby that is both creative and rewarding. When you first start, you can stick to simple pieces and then build on your skills to create more intricate and elegant looking jewellery. You can keep the pieces for yourself or gift them.

You’ll need a few tools and supplies to get started, which include:

  1. Beads of various shapes, sizes, colours and finishes (lucite and plastic beads are the most affordable options)
  2. Flat and round nose pliers
  3. Beading wire
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Crimping pliers
  6. Adhesive
  7. Tape measure or ruler
  8. Beading cord
  9. Beading needle
  10. Beading thread
  11. Headpins and eyepins
  12. Toggles and clasps

Crafting shops will typically have all the basic tools you need, allowing you to pick up everything in one trip. You can visit places like this craft shop London.

Cross Stitching

This particular hobby is definitely on the more traditional side, but traditional shouldn’t be confused with boring. It is amazing how relaxing cross-stitching can be. There’s also the fact that you need very little in terms of equipment and supplies, so this is great to take with you on the go.

When you first start, be sure to pick beginner-friendly projects so that you aren’t overwhelmed. As your skills build, you can push yourself further. All you need to start is:

  1. Fabric
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread
  4. Embroidery hoop
  5. Needle and needle minders
  6. Pattern

Cross stitching does require a certain degree of patience and focus, which is exactly why it can be so relaxing. It forces everything else out of your mind and you are present in that moment. It could be the perfect way to wind down in the evenings or relax on the weekends.


If you find the previous activities a bit too intricate and detailed, then you may want to try something that offers even more creative freedom. Scrapbooking is an activity that anyone of any age can pick up. There is no learning curve and no special skills required; all you need is a creative eye. Experts suggest that you always start with a theme or story for your scrapbook and let that act as your inspiration. From there, you can go as big and over the top, or as simple and understated as you like.

If you’re looking to branch out where your hobbies are concerned, each of these creative activities is worth pursuing in 2022.

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