How To Quickly Remedy A Clogged Sink

I don’t know what it is about our house but the sinks and drains seemed to always be backed up or clogged. Of course, there are 6 people living in out tiny little house. So there’s a lot that goes down the drains. I’ve finally found a product, though, that will quickly and easily remedy a clogged sink.

I am a Roto-Rooter Brand Ambassador. This post contains sponsored content, however, all opinions are my own based on personal use of the products mentioned. Your results may vary from mine.

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Every Spring my hair falls out by the handful. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s an allergy thing or maybe I’m shedding my “winter coat” πŸ˜€ . All I know is the tub and sink drains get clogged really quickly with all the hair that falls out of my head. I brush my hair, it falls out. I brushΒ my teeth or wash my face and there’s hair in the sink. It just falls out. It happens every year. Then in the summer it’ll stop shedding. It doesn’t really thin out, it just feel like a never ending battle of hair falling out.

Plus, the guys in our family shave and there is always hair EVERYWHERE when they do! Clay has a fairly long goatee and his shavings and trimmings cover the sink. It’s no wonder that one is clogged.

Roto-Rooter Clears A Clogged Sink Drain

As an Ambassador I received a pretty cool kit that included the precise items I needed to take care of that pesky clogged drain once and for all. The Hair Clog Remover did the trick!

It was very easy to use too. I did it myself while Clay was at work. All I had to do wash shake the tightly closed bottle, slowly pour 16 oz into the drain and wait 10 – 15 minutes. Just like that the clogged sink began to drain. Hair clog no more!

It was so easy!

Roto-Rooter Clears A Clogged Sink Drain

Aside from the Hair Clog Remover, Roto-Rooter also has a few other products that will help keep your drains slowing smoothly. They include:

  • Gel Clog Remover – clear blocked drains fast.
  • Septic Treatment – use monthly to prevent septic back ups.
  • Build Up Remover – works to eliminate grease build up before a clog forms.
  • Hair Clog Remover – right thickness to dissolve hair clogs.

I’ll be sharing more information about Roto-Rooter, with you, in the coming months including:

  • Save Money: Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself
  • Clog 101. With more active ingredients and the perfect thickness, Roto-Rooter is the best choice for all types of clogs
  • Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps to Protecting your Pipes (includes Septic Care)

I’m excited to share this info with you and hope you’ll keep up with our series!

Have you used Roto-Rooter at home products for a clogged sink or shower drain?

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