Save Money: Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself

We’ve lived in our current home for over 8 years and in that time our plumbing has been clogged more than it has not. Clay and I have discovered some plumbing fixes you can do yourself, including unclogging a blocked drain. That saves us time and money. We don’t have to wait on a plumber to fix a small problem and the products we use cost much less!

We are brand ambassadors for Roto-Rooter and received complimentary product for review. We only endorse products and services we personally use. All opinions are our own, formed through personal use. Your results may vary.

Ok, now that the disclosure is out of the way, onto some diy plumbing fixes…

For really tough issues that cannot be fixed through DIY, consider calling a professional like LV Plumbing.

Kitchen Sinks:

Most kitchen sink clogs are from food going down the drain. Make sure you always scrape any leftover food into the trash before placing your dishes in the sink, to prevent clogged drains.

If your kitchen sink does get clogged, try a product like Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover.  It works on hair, soap scum and grease. Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover is safe to use in all pipes, septic systems and garbage disposals.

Garbage Disposal:


To prevent grease clogs in your garbage disposal and kitchen sink, try using a product like Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Build-Up Remover. While it will not remove clogs or improve slow drains due to mineral deposits or tree roots, it will coat pipe walls and eliminate build up before a standing water clog forms.

I didn’t receive this in my kit but the Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Build-Up Remover also prevents grease build up that can cause slow running drains.  This is great for foods going down the garbage disposal that may be greasy. It is safe to use with most garbage disposals and safe for septic tanks. I plan on buying some and using it once per month in our garbage disposal to help prevent odor.

Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Build-Up Remover

• Prevents grease build up that can cause slow running drains
• Grease fighting, natural enzyme formula designed to coat pipe walls and eliminate build up before a standing water clog forms
• Removes unpleasant odors and leaves a fresh citrus scent
• Recommended use: monthly to prevent septic system back ups
NOTE: This product will not remove clogs or improve slow drains due to mineral deposits or tree roots

Unclogging: Sometimes grease and small food particles can gunk up a garbage disposal, causing a clog. Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover works pretty quickly to dissolve it and move it through the drain.

Sometimes, larger items can get stuck in the blades and require physical removal. We once used one of those little packs that is meant to clean it. I followed the directions, dropped it in and it immediately stopped the disposal. Blocked that thing right up! If your garbage disposal has a clog from something large, it can usually be removed pretty easily.DIY Plumbing Fixes - Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover

TURN OFF THE POWER FIRST! Seriously, not just the wall switch but the actual breaker or fuse. Turn it off or you could end up losing a hand if it slips in there! NEVER STICK YOUR HAND IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL! I know that’s common sense, but it has happened to others so I’m just putting that out there.

Once the power to the disposal is turned off, use a long handled wooden spoon inside the drain opening and gently move it back and forth against the blades. You should be able to feel the food or, in some cases, toys the kids shoved in there, that is causing the clog and loosen it. You can either try to pull it out with the spoon or tongs or use the disposal to finish chopping it up. Keep in mind that it may get stuck again so I recommend trying to get it out. Turn the power back on and you should be good to go!

Bathroom Drains:

Let’s start with clogged bathroom drains. Clay and I really like and use the Roto-Rooter hair clog remover. I have long hair, our daughters have long hair and our son has long rocker hair. Plus, Clay shaves at the bathroom sink AND we bathe the dog in the tub. That’s a lot of hair that finds it’s way down the sink and tub drains.

Our bathroom sinks have never drained all that well and when any hair goes down it clogs really easily. We’ve found that letting the Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover sit in the drain for about 30 minutes without running any water gets the clog and pushes it through. For really tough clogs, we use a plastic drain snake that grabs the hair and pulls it up or forces it on down the drain. Mostly, the Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover does the trick.

To prevent drains in bathtubs, use a hair catcher screen and clean it regularly. We use one in our bathtub now and it saves a ton of hassle! Ours has some soap scum in the screen. I need to soak it and scrub it to get that build-up off.  It’s also been stepped on so it’s not as even as it used to be. 😀 It still works though!

DIY Plumbing Fixes Tub Drain Hair Catcher


Most toilet problems are fairly easy to fix. Our toilets are notorious for getting clogged. Like… once per week! They just do not flush well and need to be plunged often. We’ve even had to use a pipe snake a couple of times. Once plunged it flushed and all was well. There are clog removing products that are safe for use in toilets. Check out the Roto-Rooter website for more info.

All our toilets have needed new flushers installed. This was pretty easy to do as well. Remember to always reach behind the toilet and turn it’s water off before beginning any work like changing the workings inside the tank.

These are just a few plumbing fixes you can do yourself to save money. What are some ideas for DIY plumbing fixes in your home?

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