Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps To Protecting Your Septic Tank

If you live in the country, you most likely have a septic tank instead of city sewage. And if you have a septic tank, you know first hand that it needs to be taken care of to function properly. That is one thing you do NOT want to malfunction! It’s also one thing I think we all take for granted until problems arise. There is some routine maintenance you can do, though. Just some simple steps to take to protect your septic tank and septic system.

I am a Roto-Rooter Brand Ambassador. This post contains sponsored content, however, all opinions are my own based on personal use of the products mentioned. Your results may vary from mine.

When I was growing up we lived in the country and had a septic system. Once, every quarter, my mom would toss a packet of yeast into the toilet. The kind you get right in the baking aisle. She said the yeast helped keep needed bacteria in the tank to remove waste and keep it from building up. It worked on what was in the tank.

When Clay and I got married, still living in the country and using a septic system, we began using other products to help maintain the system. Yeast works ok on whats inside the tank, but I found over the years that products like Roto-Rooter work to protect the pipes leading to it, keeping gunk from building up in the lines.

Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps To Protecting Your Septic Tank

The Roto-RooterΒ Natural Enzyme Build-Up Remover formula for maintaining your Septic Tank works to keep all the pipes free and clear so you won’t have a clog and backup. The natural enzymes in it break down things that would coat and stick to the pipes. These pipes need to be clean or waste won’t flow into the tank, causing a backup in your house. And that’s just nasty.

So, some personal tips I have for maintaining your septic tank are:

  1. Limit toilet paper. Honestly folks, it does not take a whole roll to get ya clean. Use enough, but don’t overdo it. Otherwise, the tank fills, things get clogged, etc. Some people don’t flush their toilet paper. Instead, they put it in the trash. I’m sorry, but that grosses me out. Not to mention, it stinks! It makes the house smell like used toilet tissue. So we do flush ours.
  2. DO NOT flush flushable wipes! Yes, they say they are safe to flush. Yes, I use them occasionally. BUT, I don’t flush them! I toss them into a bag, like you would a diaper, and tie them up. I’ve tried flushable wipes with city systems and septic systems and always get a backup. When I don’t flush them, I don’t have a problem. So… keep a little tube of puppy waste bags or diaper bags by the toilet and use them for tossing used wet wipes. Simple.
  3. Yeast. Toss in a packet of yeast once per quarter to help maintain good bacteria levels inside the actual tank, reducing waste.
  4. Monthly Maintenance. Use a product like Roto-Rooter, monthly, to maintain pipes and keep everything flowing like it should. The Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Septic Treatment bottle has what is called “Accu-Doseβ„’”. It is designed to accurately measure your monthly septic treatment for tanks up to 1500 gallons. This treatment is specially formulated to help prevent septic backup by using 2X more enzymes to eliminate even more paper, fats, oils, grease, and starch as well as unpleasant odors and dampness in leach fields when used monthly.
  5. Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps To Protecting Your Septic Tank

  6. Give it some space! Be mindful of where your system is and don’t put anything over the tank or lines. Especially a heavy swimming pool. My parents learned that the hard way! They thought they had cleared the septic system but apparently the pool was sitting on one line they’d missed. In one house we lived in, a neighbor parked their semi truck beside their house, which just happened to be on top of our septic system! In both cases, bad things happened. Bad, smelly, sewage logged backyard things. It was a mess! A costly mess too.

Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps To Protecting Your Septic Tank
Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Septic Treatment Accu-Doseβ„’ Bottle

So, those are just a few things that I, personally, recommend for keeping your septic tank running smoothly. What are some tips you have?

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