Remove Stains From Clothes With Biz Stain And Odor Remover

When you have 6 people living in one household, you have a ton of laundry. And a ton of stains. One of my favorite products to use to remove stains from clothes is Biz Stain and Odor Remover.

We are blog ambassadors for Biz, because we trust the product and know it works. We are teaming up with Biz with complimentary samples and compensation to show you tips and tricks for cleaner laundry. All opinions are our own and have been formed after personally testing the products.

I do at least one large load of laundry almost every day. This is just one basket of clothes and everything is mixed in together. We’re in the process of moving so I’ve just been throwing all the clothes into the washer together. They are usually sorted into colors and whites as well as another basket of just Clay’s work clothes! Honestly, I haven’t even noticed a difference when washing colors and whites together. No dinginess. I may just skip the sorting process from now on, with the exception of Clay’s clothes.

Remove Stains From Laundry Pile

Most of those items have at least one stain. The kids shirts have food stains and grass and dirt from playing outside. With my detergent, alone, most of that will not come out. With more active ingredients, Biz works on all types of stains: blood, grass, grape juice, chocolate, etc. We don’t have a ton of money in our clothing budget. So I have to keep what we have looking as clean, bright and new as I can with as few products as possible.

Biz is the only brand with Enzamixβ„’, a unique blend of enzymes designed to quickly dissolve bacteria causing stains and odors from grass, sweat, blood and more. It also features detergents, peroxide and whitening agents: all laundry products known to effectively remove stains. And all in one product, versus several.

For our laundry, I use Biz along with my homemade laundry detergent.

Remove Stains From Laundry Pile

I’ve found that my homemade detergent works really well to cleanse our clothes and keep them bright. Instead of treating individual stains, I pre-treat an entire load at once. There’s too much to do individually. So, I load the washer with water, 1/4 cup homemade laundry detergent, and 1/2 cap full of Biz. I let it soak about 30 minutes, then I wash and dry. For the one or two items that I do treat individually, I do add a little Biz to the stain, rub it in and let it set 30 minutes. I also add a 1/3 cup to the washer with the detergent. Then I wash and dry.

Biz smells really good too. It has a nice, clean, fresh scent that makes our laundry smell so nice. It has more stain fighting ingredients than other brands so it gets in there and busts up the stains. And it does not contain any bleach or phosphates!

Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator is available in these forms:

  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Liquid Booster Pacs

So far, I’ve only tried the liquid and have had a lot of success with it! It cleans up to 80% better than detergent alone and has stood up to every type of stain I’ve thrown at it. So I add 1/3 cap to every load of laundry I do!

Biz is not just for laundry stains either. You can remove MORE stains throughout your entire home. The powdered Biz is great for use on tub, tile, toilets, kitchenΒ counter tops, waste cans, refrigerators, floors, patios and decks and many other hard surfaces!

I’ll show how Biz works in those places in my next Biz post surrounding prepping for the Holidays – with Biz!

Have you tried Biz stain and odor eliminator to remove stains?

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