Make Happy Memories With Hapey Cabin Rentals

It seems like it has been ages since we visited a Smoky Mountain cabin but in a few short weeks we’ll be staying with Hapey Cabin Rentals for a weekend getaway. We’ll be staying in their Hapey Memories cabin and I’m SO READY for a getaway and to do some blogging in the Smokies!

Hapey Cabin Rentals

Hapey (pronounced like happy) Cabin Rentals offers two cabins and a condo. We are teaming up to stay in Hapey Memories. The other cabin is called Hapey Place and the condo is Lazy Bear Lodge.

  • Hapey Memories – 2 br cabin
  • Hapey Place –  1 br cabin
  • Lazy Bear Lodge – 2 br (AMAZING views near Ober!)

I’ve been reading personal reviews of previous guests, on their Facebook page, and everyone seems to have had a wonderful experience. All comments talk about how friendly the owners are and how well appointed and clean the cabins are.

They stay booked up too! That is a sign of great customer service and wonderful cabins. If you want to book a stay with them you need to look at their calendar and book your stay as soon as possible because they rent quickly.

The owners are long time visitors to the area who, like us, fell in love with the Smokies. They stock their rentals with pretty much anything you’d need to have a relaxing stay and from what I’ve read, go above and beyond to make their homes comfortable and relaxing. I’m so ready to visit and tell you all more about them!

I’ll be sharing photos from our stay and giving you more information about the cabin itself, once we get back. So be sure to keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, be sure to visit Hapey Cabin Rentals website and check them out on social media for more info!


Leave a comment below if you’ve ever stayed with Hapey Cabin Rentals!

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  1. We spend a lot of time traveling in places near mountains and the wilderness. When we find a place that is warm and cozy, we make sure to book in advance. I loved your suggestion to book a stay as soon as possible. Some places rent quickly.


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