Dirty Little Laundry Secrets. We All Have Them!

We all have those dirty little secrets. Laundry secrets that is. If you have kids or a husband in construction then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dirty clothes for days!

I have some laundry secrets and tips for how I keep our clothes looking their best through multiple washings.

Laundry Secrets

I am a blog ambassador for Biz, because I trust the product and know it works. I’ve teamed up with Biz with complimentary samples and compensation to show you tips and tricks for cleaner laundry. All opinions are my own and have been formed after personally testing the products.

Cool Water – Unless I’m washing whites, I ALWAYS use cool water to do our laundry. I do use hot water for whites like wash rags and towels. Cooler water helps keep the color from fading and keeps colored clothing looking brighter longer.

Pre-Soak – I always pre-soak clothes that have tough stains. This doesn’t always mean treating just one stain and letting it sit. I pre-soak an entire load. I start the cold water, add 1 TBSP of my homemade laundry detergent and 1/2 cap Biz Stain and Odor Eliminator. Then I add the clothes and let the washer fill up. I, then, turn the washer off and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then I add a little white, distilled vinegar into a fabric softener ball and wash as normal.

The vinegar smell dissipates in the wash so you don’t smell it. It works to soften the clothes like fabric softener, helps keep the colors bright and stops fading.

Pre-treat – I only pre-treat individual stains if only one item is stained or if one item has a really tough stain. Other wise I just pre-soak. I’ll add some Biz directly to the stain. Then I use a nail brush that I use for only laundry and rub the Biz into the stain. I let it soak for 15 minutes, then add it to the pre-soaking laundry. 15 minutes seems to be the magic number for both.

Drying on low heat – I try to dry my clothes on the lowest heat setting possible. Blue Jeans and heavy denim usually takes a higher setting to get them good and dry but for other clothes, low heat usually works well. I like using a lower heat to help minimize shrinkage of our clothes. There nothing worse than putting on that perfect t-shirt only to find it’s 3 inches shorter! I’d love to be able to hang dry or lay items flat to dry but we just have too much laundry.

With 6 people, I have to do what works quickly for our family. These tips work great for us and I hope they’ll help with your dirty little laundry secrets too!

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