Tips For Building Your First Home

Your first home build will always be a memorable time.  Something is going to go wrong, and the schedule will get pushed back.  Setbacks and cost incursions are the nature of a first-time home build.  

You have to be ready to let the stress roll off your back.  Preparing yourself with some targeted knowledge may help the process pass with fewer setbacks and challenges.  Take a moment for research now, and check out a few tips for building your first home.  

Tips For Building Your First Home

Have a structured plan in place 

Before you ever start building your new home, you need a thorough and detailed plan.  You need to know what is being built, and the builders need a map for their work as well. The exact time it takes to build a custom home depends on your specific needs and the unique design of the house, so the builders will use your plans to calculate the build time for you. Think about how you will use the various rooms in your house as you create your future layout.

Consider lifestyle needs and preferences while you design, and think about where the sun will be throughout the day.  You will want certain areas of your home to be in the sun and some to be in the shade.

Choose materials and finishes before breaking ground

Choosing the materials/finishes you want inside and outside of your home before you break ground will help keep the build moving along more smoothly.  If you’re building your house on a hill, you may need special sloping blocks for the exterior.  

You don’t want to have to pause the build due to a late shipment of materials. If for example you want a specific set of slabs for your garden patio, or you’re thinking about adding a tray ceiling in your dining room, make sure you have already plotted out what you will need so you can ensure you get any specialists in that are needed, and the orders can be made in advance.  You want the builders to have everything they need, exactly when they need it.  

Always budget to go over budget

Your home building budget is just as important to the build as the materials used to create the structure.  If you don’t have a structure for how much you’re going to spend (and how you’re going to spend it), then you’ll almost certainly spend way more than you want to spend.  

Create a build budget that includes everything you can possibly think of including, and then create a contingency plan.  Your contingency budget is there to cover any unexpected or inflated costs along the way.  

Make sure your financing is in place

Before you get too excited about the process of building your home, you have to make sure all of the proper financing is in place.  If you don’t have the money, you can’t build a home.  It’s that simple. 

Scout out competent contractors to do the work
It’s also a good idea to scout your contractors prior to the breaking of ground.  Know who you will trust with what job, and have all of those positions lined up to get the work done in an orderly and timely fashion.

I hope you find these tips for building your first home useful.

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