Happy Birthday Granny Buffin. I Hate Alzheimer’s Disease.

Happy birthday to my beautiful granny, Almedia Buffin, born in 1922.

Happy Birthday - Alzheimer's Disease

When I visit her I fear she won’t know me or, like last time, will beg me to take her to her home, when I can’t.

This beautiful woman helped raise me and was my very best friend my entire life.

My grandmother, who always loved me. Who took me to the park and out for ice cream. Who would drive all the way across town or even to another county just to pick me up for sleepovers at her house. Who ate lunch with me at school and let my friends call her “granny”. Who sang to me when I was in labor with my first child, because it calmed me. Who hates having her picture taken but we always snapped them anyway. Who loves fishing and is an amazing guitar player. My grandmother who is being ravaged by Alzheimer’s. Who has lost herself inside this disgusting disease and who no longer knows me.

I pray my grannyΒ has a happy birthday. I hate this disease. This… stupid Alzheimer’s. I hate everything about it. I hate that it destroys people’s minds and makes them forget those they love, things they enjoy and even how to function.

Happy Birthday Granny Buffin. I hate Alzheimer’s Disease and that you have it.

Happy Birthday - Alzheimer's Disease


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