Beach Shelter: Avoid Painful Sunburn Camping OR At The Beach

I don’t know about y’all but when I’m in the sun I Burn. Peel. Freckle. Rinse and Repeat. I could totally be a sun goddess if I wasn’t this porcelain white, natural red highlights freckly girl. πŸ˜€ We’re taking aΒ beach vacation this summer and I will most definitely be using a beach shelter to keep cool and have protection from the sun.

I teamed up with Pacific Breeze to try out some of their beach gear on our trip and I can’t wait!!!

Beach Shelter

Pacific Breeze Beach Shelter

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There are several beach essentials that I have on my list. See more.

Some of the things I’ve collected are:

  • Pacific BreezeΒ  Beach Shelter
  • Pacific Breeze Lounger – 2 Pack
  • Sunscreen – several bottles, lotions and sprays for myself and the kids
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Sunglasses – with UVA/UVB protection for everyone
  • Portable battery fan
  • Cooler – will be packed with drinks and snacks
  • Beach Cart or Wagon for toting all our supplies
  • Beach towels and blankets
  • Flip flops/Sandals
  • Swimsuit – for adults and the kids
  • Swimsuit cover ups – for myself and the kids
  • Baby powder – I was told this helps remove sand and avoid chafing
  • Large beach bag to carry it all in

Sure, I plan on getting in the water and enjoying the sun. But that doesn’t mean I won’t take necessary precautions to not sunburn while doing so. 3 of our 4 kids are like me and sunburn easily. The 4th is just like her daddy and grandmother – Cherokee descent. You can just say the word sunshine and they get a nice, golden tan. Seriously, my mother in law can spend ONE DAY in the sun and her tan is sick! Makes me sick because I want one too!

I’ll be posting about some of the items on my list, like the Pacific Breeze Sand & Surf Beach Shelter and 2 pack Beach Loungers. I’ve already set them up in the yard. I always like to give things a trial run and see how easy they are to use before taking them on a trip. Nobody wants to get to their destination only to realize they aren’t prepared to set things up. Especially a new place with gear you’ve never used before. And when it comes to any type of tent product, you always need to set it up a couple times to get the hang of it. If tents aren’t really your style, but you still want to hide from the sun, going for the best cantilever umbrella might be the best option for you.

Surprisingly, this beach shelter is extremely easy to set up! You just unfold it, lock the legs, pull the center rope to raise it and lock it into place – like an umbrella. Then you fill the corner pockets with sand on the beach or tie the guy-lines to stakes on grass and you’re ready to relax.

 TIP: Use gallon sized zip top food storage bags to hold the sand for the pockets. Makes cleanup a breeze! 

There is an extra “shadow” panel that can be attached on any of the three remaining sides to provide shade as the sun moves. So you don’t have to worry about picking the cabana up and moving it around. That one panel is all you need to move and it easy to secure with loops made on the shelter.

Pacific Breeze Beach Shelter

It has a floor that can be unzipped and rolled up. We’ll probably roll it up on the beach but use the floor when camping or outdoor activities like picnics. It also has pockets inside for lightweight items like sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

A beach tent isn’t very tall so you may need to duck when entering. But they aren’t meant for standing and walking around in. They’re for sitting and lounging. The 2-pack of loungers is perfect for inside this beach shelter! They’re also perfect for sitting out in the sun tanning.

These loungers fold flat and can be carried like a back-pack or by a handle on the top. Then they simply unfold. The back is adjustable so you can sit up as much as you like or lie back some. They sit on the ground so if you have bad knees you may need some help getting up but they are super comfortable. When I tried one out I could picture sitting on the beach, fruity beverage in hand watching the kids play in the sand.

I’m so ready for this beach vacation to get here! I can’t wait to use our cabana! I’ll show you pictures of our beach shelter and loungers set up on the beach after our trip. In the meantime, I do recommend them based on our trial run. They set up, take down and transport so easily.

Can you all do me a favor? I’ve never been to the beach so I’m not 100% sure my list is complete. We’ll be taking shorts, tanks and tee’s and maybe a sun dress for eating out. But aside from that and the items on my list, what else do I need to a summer trip to the beach?

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40 thoughts on “Beach Shelter: Avoid Painful Sunburn Camping OR At The Beach”

  1. I love going to the beach with my family, but nothing is worse than getting sunburn. This beach lounging tent & chairs sound wonderful! Looking forward to reading how it worked on your trip. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That’s really nice. It would be great for someone who burns easily. I’m part Native American, and I don’t burn, I just tan.

  3. I love this! We went to the beach a few weeks ago and I would have loved to have had this. My skin is fair and I am at an age where I understand that the sun is mostly damaging to me. This is definitely going on my wish list!

  4. We always take a first aid kit and hand sanitizer. There always to be someone who gets an ouch. And who wants to snack with icky beach dirty hands?

  5. This is a great addition to a family day at the beach.. I have 6 grandchildren and the lastest is under a year old.. we could all enjoy this….

  6. Oh I so envy any family who can visit the beach! I have no beaches near my state so the first chance to arise, I will be running! Great ideas and I will keep them in mind.

  7. I loved your review it made me want to go to the Beach, Especially with that cute Easy Up Beach Shelter.. Love it!! I am like you very fair and always had a reddish ting to my hair. I am alot older now and my hair is like med brown and silver. Lol! I would be more interest in a little taller Easy Up Beach Shelter one the My Husband and I each could sit on a Beach chair inside. I could never sit on the ground I would never get back up. I have Bad legs and Knees. My Husband is not well either .. But the shelter you showed would be fabulous for my kids and their children. I think you are really well organized for taking your first Beach trip. The only thing I would add would be a Beach Ball and some other fun Beach toys… Have Fun~

  8. My oldest daughter is extremely prone to getting sunburned. She has to use 100 SPF sunblock to enjoy a day in the sun. This Easy Up Beach Shelter would make any beach trip fun for the whole family!


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