Getting Summer Ready With Prescription Sunglasses

Folks, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of wearing sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection, especially in the summer months. All year, honestly, but we tend to spend more time in the sun during the warmer months. Since I wear glasses or contacts, I like to get summer ready with cheap prescription sunglasses. There’s something about a new pair of sunglasses that gets me in the mood for summer fun!

Disclosure: I teamed up with GlassesShop to review a couple pair of their prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. I received 2 complimentary pair. All opinions are my own through personal use. No other compensation was received. I loved them enough, though, that I applied for their affiliate program just before posting this review. Affiliate links may be used in this post upon approval and this notice will be updated.

GlassesShop Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

Now, by cheap, I mean inexpensive. Just because they are prescription doesn’t mean they have to cost an arm and a leg. Right? I love shopping online at GlassesShop. I can get prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses for less than at the eye Dr.

They have some super cute styles too! Years ago, I chose a pair that was strictly functional. (you can see those here)I knew I’d be getting in the ocean and possibly knocked down by waves. So I wanted a pair that was sturdy, would work well with a glasses holder strap, would be my prescription so I could see and would protect my eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays. I didn’t really care what they looked like. I just wanted functionality. This year, I chose a CUTE pair! And, they checked off my list of other requirements.

Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

Amelia - GlassesShop Cheap Prescription Sunglasses
photo credit: GlassesShop

I found these really pretty purple colored metal frames, in the style Amelia, and chose to get them as sunglasses instead of regular lenses. The color looks more like rose in person and I love it! They’re also available in red or black. They are super pretty and have sort of a filigree design on the arms.

Amelia - GlassesShop Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

They are sturdy. The glasses block UVA/UVB rays and work well with my glasses holder strap.

Here’s 3 styles of glasses holder strap I like when getting in the water. They hold my glasses on my face even in waves.

I love how they fit and how they feel on my face. The metal frames are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. The sunglasses don’t weigh my face down and I can wear them all day without them feeling heavy on my ears or leaving marks around my nose and cheeks.

I really love how they look! We’d been playing in the water in this picture so my hair and my lenses were wet. But it was the best view I could get with the prescription sunglasses on.

Amelia - GlassesShop Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

I have a wide face, which makes it hard to find prescription glasses and sunglasses. These feel great and they fit perfectly! I’d definitely choose this style again!

If you’re looking for cheap prescription sunglasses or women’s or men’s prescription glasses, you should check out GlassesShop online. You can try on different frames with their photo upload and see how they look on you before you buy. There’s many different customization options and the glasses arrive quickly, wrapped in a cleaning cloth inside a sturdy plastic glasses case and ready to wear!

Do you wear prescription glasses? Have you ever chosen a frame that wasn’t specifically for sunglasses and chose tinted lenses instead? I love that there is an option to do that! I was always stuck with cheap plastic sunglasses that all looked the same. I love that I can have beautiful prescription sunglasses without sacrificing usability and functionality.

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