Men’s Rectangle Glasses: Why I Prefer Them Versus Women’s

Ladies, I’m here to tell you that just because eyeglasses are labeled as “men’s” or “women’s” doesn’t mean you can’t shop from either category. Men, the same goes for you! In fact, I (a woman) prefer wearing men’s rectangle glasses, versus most women’s frames. They just fit my face better.

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Just because I’m a female, doesn’t mean I have dainty features. I have a large face, so, small framed glasses just don’t suit me. I also wear bifocals with a strong prescription, so, I need larger, thicker lenses and many women’s frames don’t work as well. Especially the semi-rimless. But in men’s, they do!

For the last decade, I’ve been choosing various men’s rectangle glasses for my fit. I have one style that I absolutely love and always try to find a similar style if I can’t find the exact ones each time. Ironically, this last pair I chose was called “Martin“. It was fate! (seeing as that’s my last name 🤣)

Men's Rectangle Glasses - GlassesShop

What do you think? These are a little more squared on the edges than my last ones but I love them!

“Martin” is available in black and blue frames. I love black, semi-rimless frames. They are lightweight and don’t box my face in too much.

The arms of the glasses are somewhat flexible, very long so they stay on really well and are super comfortable. The ends that go behind the ears turn slightly so they don’t dig into my ears. And because they are slightly flexible, they sit away from my face and aren’t tight on my temples. I love them!

I also prefer to shop through GlassesShop. Their prices are affordable and I always get my glasses quickly. I’ve used them for years and you can see those posts here and here.

They arrive wrapped in a cleaning cloth and inside a sturdy plastic glasses case. They’re always professionally packaged, clean and ready to wear.

Men's Rectangle Glasses - GlassesShop

One thing I really love about the website and buying experience is the ability to “try on” the glasses before choosing. I can upload a photo and compare as many styles as I wish, until I get the pair that is just right for me!

You can choose glasses or sunglasses in both prescription and non-prescription. You can upgrade your lenses, get transitions, tints, etc. There’s tons of option.

Now, having said all that. I DO wear women’s prescription sunglasses and will have a review for a pair of those next week! I love me some cute sunglasses and they tend to be a bit bigger so those I get in women’s styles. Wait till you see the frames I chose! They aren’t your typical sunglasses frames. I wanted something a bit “classier “fancier” looking this time. I’m so excited to share those with you all next week!

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