Home Maintenance Checklist: 6 Simple Things To Check Up On This Spring

It’s that time of year again when Spring cleaning is at the forefront of our minds and a home maintenance checklist will help you get things in order.

Spring is a wonderful time of year when the rain and wind starts to die away only to be replaced by blue skies, birds singing and flowers coming into bloom, but as you will know, it can also spring some unpleasant surprises on you sound the house which is why it is important to check up on the following things once winter waves goodbye.

Home Maintenance Checklist:

1. The Great Flooded Basement Saga

First on the agenda: addressing your home’s version of Atlantis, aka the basement. Spring showers May flowers and, unfortunately, the potential for your basement to become an impromptu indoor pool. Whether it’s a minor dampness or a full-on flood situation, now’s the time to act with a timely flooded basement cleanup should you need one. Check your sump pump to make sure it’s in working order, clear out gutters and downspouts to prevent water buildup, and maybe start building that ark—just in case.

2. The Mystery of the Leaky Roof

Next up, let’s play detective and check the roof for leaks. Winter can be tough on roofs, leaving them as battered as a boxer after a title fight. Look for missing shingles, damage around chimneys, and any signs of water intrusion. Remember, your attic is not supposed to double as a rainforest. Catching leaks early can save you from an unwanted ceiling water feature.

3. The Chronicles of the Air Conditioner

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to give your air conditioner some love. After all, it’s your best ally in the battle against turning into a human popsicle this summer. Change the filters, check for any weird noises (it shouldn’t sound like a cat in a wind tunnel), and consider a professional tune-up. It’s like prepping your chariot before the big race.

4. The Secret Life of Gutters

Gutters: the silent heroes of home exteriors, quietly protecting your home from water damage—unless they’re clogged. Then they’re just fancy waterfalls. Clear out leaves, twigs, and whatever treasures the squirrels have left behind. Ensuring water can flow freely through your gutters is like making sure the moat around your castle isn’t jammed up.

5. The Window to the Soul (of Your House)

Windows are the eyes to your home’s soul, and they need some sprucing up, too. Check the seals for leaks and consider giving them a good cleaning. Not only will it improve your view, but it’ll also enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Plus, it’s the only acceptable way to be a pane-peeper.

6. The Enigma of the Squeaky Floor

Last, but not for one moment least, embark on a quest to silence any squeaky floors. These soundtracks to your midnight snack runs are usually a quick fix with the right tools and a little know-how. Plus, fixing them means you can sneak around your house like a ninja without announcing your presence to everyone (and every pet) in the household.

This Spring home maintenance checklist might seem like a daunting task, but it’s all about tackling it one step at a time, and fixing what needs to be fixed, so you can enjoy a relaxed spring and an even better summer.

And there you have it. Your home maintenance checklist will help get your home ready for spring. Check off these items to help ensure your home is weather ready so you can kick back and enjoy the roses!

What tips do you have for getting your home in order this Spring. Is there anything you’d add to the home maintenance checklist, other than the typical Spring Cleaning routines?

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