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About a year ago I created a free Relish (versus the paid Relish+) account so I could save some of my favorite recipes that I’d seen on their site. I wanted a place to save ones my family uses regularly as well as some of my own recipes that I don’t have on the blog. After a while, I realized I really wanted the Relish+ features.

There were a couple recipes from various websites that were no longer being updated. I was worried they’d disappear and wanted to save them. Sure, I could have printed them but I liked the idea of having them on any device, anywhere I was.

If we were traveling and wanted to cook one of those recipes, I could pull it up on my phone. Fast forward to 2024 and I also realized I love it but had never shared it with y’all! I’d even become an affiliate and still, had never shared this great site. I wasn’t gatekeeping this awesome site, I promise! With everything going on in my personal life over the last year, I simply forgot to tell you guy. OOF!

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Relish+ Sidebar Navigation

There is a free version and a paid version. Relish (free) and Relish+ both have great benefits.

Relish+ Membership Options

Relish And Relish+ Plans

You are a bit limited with the free version. You can save any recipes that are currently on their website but you can’t add new ones. You can add your ingredients to a shopping list and also send that list to a store for pickup.

The website even has themed days and National food days like how, at the time of this post’s publishing, today is National Pretzel Day and Relish gives you loads of pretzel related recipes!

With the paid plan, you can also edit any saved recipe to suit your own needs like dietary restrictions, ingredients you don’t like, etc. You can also drag and drop recipes and even meal plans to a calendar to schedule your meals for the week, month and so on. The paid version is also ad free for a better usage experience.

You can see all the benefits side-by-side in the photo above.

Another feature I really love is the “Cook With Us”. There are cooking classes so you can learn exactly how to cook different recipes!

Relish+ Cook With Us Cooking Classes

I absolutely love that I can follow along with a live cooking class. This would be so much fun to do as a group! Gather your girlfriends or your honey and make a date night!

Over all, this site is super simple to use. I’ve saved several of my own recipes as well as others that I use regularly. My favorite features are the shopping list and the ability to edit a recipe, as needed. I haven’t used the meal planner much yet but will be doing so starting this next week. My family is finally getting back on track with Trim Healthy and eating better and meal plans really helped me before. So, I’m looking forward to getting back to that.


Save Your Favorite Recipes!

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What are your favorite features of Relish+?

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