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Rejuva EWG VERIFIED™ Mega Lash Mascara

Enhance Your Look With Clean EWG VERIFIED™ Mascara

Before self-isolation, I wore make-up every day. Every. Single. Day. Not a ton, but every day, none- the less. Mostly, mascara and eyer and then a full face when going out. That’s a lot of chemicals being applied to my face each day, especially around my eyes. In the past, I hadn’t given it much...

Donmily 1005 Human Hair Wigs and Extensions

Change Your Look With 100% Human Hair Wigs

One of my dear friends, recently, asked if I new any contacts for wigs or hair extensions. Her hair grows fairly slow and she wanted to be able to change up her lo from day to day. She and I figured wigs were a perfect way to do that. While I, personally, haven’t tried wigs,...