Aquamermaid Mermaid Tails & Mermaid Swim Classes

Our daughter loves to swim in the pool with a swimmable mermaid tail. She even loves just wearing it around the house, pretending to be a mermaid! We teamed up with the US Family Guide to show you another great Mermaid Tail from Aquamermaid. But that’s not all they offer! They also offer Mermaid Swimming Class so you can learn how to use your mermaid tail the right way!

Mermaid Swimming Class - Aquamermaid Swimmable Mermaid Tail And Monofin

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Mermaid swimming party for kids and adults! Learn to swim in this fun and dynamic 60-minute aqua-fitness class in a mermaid’s tail. You’ll learn different synchronized swimming techniques to get you feeling like a beautiful mermaid. You’ll be surprised at the speed and power behind the mermaid’s tail. We’ll leave time for photos at the end, so bring your camera to get the perfect shot of you as a mermaid. Host your next birthday or bachelorette party with us.

* Swimmable mermaid tail are supplied. *Requirements: Minimum age 7 yrs & participants must be know how to swim. *Mermaid tails also available for purchase.

I’d love to take advantage of the Mermaid Swimming Class if it is offered in our area. She’d do well to learn the proper way to swim in her mermaid tail.

We really like how this mermaid tail goes on. It is very easy compared to one we tried in the past.

This tail has a zipper at the bottom of the fin. To put on, we went ahead and put the monofin inside the fabric mermaid tail. Then my daughter slid her feet and leg in. I unzipped the side so I could see where to place her feet.

Mermaid Swimming Class - Aquamermaid Swimmable Mermaid Tail And Monofin

She slipped her feet into the monofin, secured the ankle straps and then zipped it back up. She then proceeded to stand and pull the tail up into position. SO EASY!

The feet of this monofin are silicone, versus neoprene versions we’ve used before so they did go on easier. I can’t say, yet how well the monofin performs in the water because it is, basically, winter on our mountain top and not exactly swim weather! But it was easy to put on. Your feet sit inside little silicone stirrups and a strap goes around your ankle and hooks into place. There is another hook in the middle.

Mermaid Swimming Class - Aquamermaid Mermaid Tail And Monofin Foot Strap

The fabric of the mermaid tail is very pretty. It is shiny and sort of sparkles in the light. It is going to looks so pretty in a beach house pool next summer!

Mermaid Swimming Class - Aquamermaid Swimmable Mermaid Tail And Monofin

I would recommend this swimmable mermaid tail and the mermaid swimming class as a gift this year. It is unique, fun and any mermaid fan will love it!

And it’s not just for kids!

Like the quote above mentions, these mermaid tails and swim classes would make great party ideas, bachelorette parties, girls day out, etc.

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Have you ever swam with a mermaid tail? Do you think you’ll take advantage of this offer and give it a try?

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