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Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin

Disclosure: I received complimentary party supplied for myself and my guests. All opinions are my own.

I had planned to have this amazing blog post for you showing a combination of our youngest daughter’s Princess Birthday Party and my Spring In Your Step Moms Meetup with printable 2013 Summer Preparedness Checklist. The plan was to have all sorts of pretty princess fun for the little girls and then a pampering session with light sandwiches, Citrus Mint Spa Water (recipe below) and some homemade foot soak for the moms.

Everything was going as planned. I was getting the table and decorations finished up for the birthday girl, who’d decided she wanted to be Cinderella for her birthday:

Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin


Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin


I had some awesome headache masks, yummy foods and  for the moms a Claritin 2013 Preparedness Checklist

 <<<print one for yourself!


Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin


Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin


Guests arrived and everything was starting to take off. I had just stepped out on the back deck to talk to my mother-in-law when I heard my sister-in-law yell my name as my daughter let out a yelp. I ran back inside and saw that she had fallen and hit her forehead on the leg of a table that sits right inside the door. Apparently she was running to me as I was closing the door and she slipped in her flip-flop and down she went.
A huge goose egg and bruise popped up on her forehead. She didn’t lose consciousness or have any vomiting. The Dr.’s always say if they don’t have that, then they are most likely ok. But was was acting sleepy and just couldn’t stop crying. So we decided it was best to end the party early and take her on to the ER just to make sure she was ok. I was a nervous wreck! And my poor baby girl had gotten hurt and had a not the size of a golf ball on her forehead the day of her birthday party.
Once we got there, they checked her out and she was fine. They told us to keep a check on her and that she could go to sleep but to wake her every two hours to check on her. They also said to use an ice pack for the pain and swelling. We had those nifty little packs that came with the Children’s Claritin Spring In Your Step Moms Meet Up pack so wrapped one of those on her head. It Velcro’s in the back so it is fully adjustable. And you can use it either cold or warm. It was PERFECT! She laid on the couch beside me for the rest of the night and that pack took all the swelling out. She said it felt really good on her head too.

Spring In Your Step Childrens Claritin


So while the moms didn’t get to try them out at the party, I did make sure they took their mask and checklist home with them. We’ll try the pampering another day. I’m just glad my little birthday girl is OK!
Here is the Citrus Mint Spa Water recipe for you so you can try it at your own pamper party:

Citrus Mint Spa Water


  • 3 - 4 oranges: sliced
  • 2 - 3 limes: sliced
  • Fresh Mint sprigs
  • Spring water or good filtered water
  • Ice


  • Layer fruit, mint and ice in beverage server
  • Fill server with water
  • Use mint sprigs to garnish glasses
  • OPTIONAL: I also floated a few mint leaves in the server for added minty flavor

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