Our #DisneySide @Home Celebrations!

We’ve had the great honor of being selected to host #DisneySide @Home Celebrations! We shared photos from the #DisneySide party we hosted last year geared towards guests and Disney fans of all ages.

This years #DisneySide @Home celebration kit is specifically tailored for tweens/teens with a fun focus on Disney’s most wicked villains. We can’t wait to see what is inside! This page showcases our social media shares, updates regarding our party and photos and links of our #DisneySide @Home celebration journey!

[seriesposts sid=6773 title=”Check out our 2014 #DisneySide experience:” listtype=ul show_date=0] [seriesposts sid=6774 title=”Check out our 2015 #DisneySide experience:” listtype=ul show_date=0]

We’re hosting a #DisneySide @Home celebration to show off our #DisneySide and the #DarkSideOfDisney #DisneyVillains! pic.twitter.com/vhjHQOq90L

— Crystal Martin (@CinnamonHollow) January 7, 2015

Stay tuned for more #DisneySide @Home Celebration info!

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