Easter Eggs You Missed in DC’s Stargirl

One of the best parts of watching DC shows and movies is looking for all of the hidden Easter eggs. Fascinating and easy-to-overlook little details that tie in other DC programs and comic books make the entire DC universe feel connected. DC’s Stargirl, a new series, is no exception. Here are some of the Easter eggs you may have missed.

Easter Eggs You Missed in DC's Stargirl

Star-Spangled Kid

This one isn’t exactly hidden, but many people may not have known about this DC’s Star-Spangled Kid from the 1940s. The Star-Spangled Kid and his sidekick, Stripesy, were the first child hero and adult sidekick duo. In the current Stargirl series, title character Courtney Whitmore is the stepdaughter of Stripesy, a.k.a. Pat Dugan. After discovering his past, she becomes Stargirl and fights crime with him by her side. She uses the Star-Spangled Kid’s cosmic converter belt to acquire super powers of speed and strength.


Starman is a DC hero first created in 1941. He used a cosmic rod to gain powers, such as flight and projecting energy. At the beginning of the series, Stargirl finds the cosmic rod, and it responds to her touch. She then uses it to fly and project energy as well. Starman is also featured in the series.

Courtney Johns

Geoff Johns, creator and executive producer of DC’s Stargirl, created the character after his sister, Courtney Johns, was tragically killed in a plane crash in 1996. In Courtney Whitmore’s bedroom on the show, there is a picture of her and a friend sitting on a bench. The friend in the photo is Courtney Johns.

The Golden Age

The first episode of Stargirl displays text referencing “The Golden Age.” This term refers to the first superhero comics. This is the time period in which the Star-Spangled Kid and the Justice Society of America first appeared.

Blue Valley, Nebraska

After her mom remarries, Courtney and her family move from Los Angeles to Blue Valley, Nebraska. This town was also the home of the Kid Flash, another child hero. Look closely, and you’ll spot other Easter eggs throughout the town. One example is a theater sign for The Liberty Files, which is a reference to a Justice Society of America series.

Green Flames

During a battle, green flames can be seen in the background. It is not explicitly stated, but this is believed to be a tribute to the original Green Lantern, whose powers involved green flames.

Stripesy’s Car

Stripesy had a car in the original Star-Spangled Kid comics that was decked out with special parts that allowed it to fly. While the original was a limousine, the same concept made it into the Stargirl series in the form of a flying convertible.

Action Comics

A logo reading “American Action Movers” can be seen on the side of a moving van in the show. It is made to resemble the logo of “Action Comics,” which is considered to be the comic book that started the Golden Age of Comics.

All of these not-so-accidental details are what make the DC universe feel so connected. Considering DC’s Stargirl has such a rich history tying her to other heroes, there are bound to be more Easter eggs to come. Keep your eyes open, and see how many you can spot.

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