Printable Worksheets for Public and Home Schooled Kids!

Printable worksheets for school and home use help expand learning.


It is back to school for most of the country’s kids. And the ones who have finished summer break and are back in school are most likely already seeing homework. Even after the first week!

In recent years, most schools have moved classes back to the classroom. However, many students still get greater satisfaction from a published report or project, a feat that demands access to paper and a quality printer. Parents and even teachers like to display their students’ work, which is impossible without printing tools. When looking for a multifunction printer or copier, you need to decide if you want it to print in color, if you prefer ink or toner, and whether you want to buy or copy machine rentals. Other factors you should consider include speed, paper capacity, graphics capabilities and memory capacity.

Younger kids typically have workbooks in class and you can look at them throughout the year to see how your child is progressing. When I was little, I loved it when my mom would buy me additional workbooks at the store. I loved being able to go through the pages at home and show my parent what I had learned and how I could solve the problems. Math and vocabulary were the main ones you could purchase then. My friends and I would also use them when playing school. Little did we know, we were actually learning! Yeah, we were doing a form of homework and didn’t even realize it. HA! Those workbooks really came in handy for more than just playing.

I wish we had computers and home printers back then because, now, you can find a great variety of printables to use both in school for teachers, at home for homeschooling parents and parents with children in public school.

All you have to do is print them out and they are ready to use. I print tons of them and use them with my kids. Our youngest child is three and she also loves them. Just by using the worksheets, I am teaching her little by little before she even goes to school. She is learning her alphabet and her numbers. And she just thinks she is coloring and having fun.

In my opinion, using these printable scholastic worksheets not only enhances what kids in school are learning but also helps get kids ready for school, teaches them in the process and shows them that learning is fun.


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