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Does Social Media Impact My Divorce Case?

When you are going through a divorce and might have a custody battle, it can be tricky. Your kids and livelihood are at stake, but do you know what can potentially impact your case the most? Your social media presence. Depending on your lifestyle, the messages and images you post can have catastrophic consequences on...

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

The Pros And Cons Of Pre and Postnuptial Agreements: Is It Right For You?

As the concept of marriage has evolved, so have the legalities around it. While pre and post-nuptial agreements were once foreign ideas, they have gained popularity in recent years. These agreements allow couples to out the division of assets and financial responsibilities in the event of divorce or separation. Although they offer several advantages, there...


Are My Assets In Danger If My Spouse Gets In A Car Accident?

Car accidents are often than not a stressful event for everyone involved. The consequences of a crash can lead to physical, emotional and financial damage. If you or your spouse are involved in a car accident, it can also impact your marital assets, especially if you are going through a divorce. There are various...

Family Life

Co-Parenting Strategies For Success

After a divorce, co-parenting and adjusting to the new reality of the situation can be incredibly difficult. However, if you and your ex-spouse adopt a healthy mindset and effective strategies, co-parenting can prove to be a positive and successful experience for all parties, including the children. This article will cover some top strategies to use...