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Day To Day Life

Life After College: Things No-One Will Tell You

Life after college is the real you. In many ways it is life without constraints, and it is what most young adults have been loing forward to. At last, the shackles are off and no one else is setting the agenda, and yet it’s not that simple. In place of the authority figures of youth,...

Essential checkpoints for college

13 Essential Checkpoints To Prepare Your Child For College

Acing college preparation can be an overwhelming task for parents of teenagers. From selecting an ideal school and filling out applications to ensure academic readiness, there’s an endless list of items you must check off before sending your kid off to university. To help simplify things we have provided 13 essential checkpoints which will ensure...

Cinnamon Hollow

Have College Bound Kids? Here Are 4 Tips To Make the Process Easier

Researching colleges, applying to college, and funding a college education can be overwhelming for both parents and students. However, with the right preparation and strategy you can find the best possible fit for your child. That said, getting started can be equally stressful. Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be that way. Get Organized Getting organized...

Learn Excel

Why Learn Excel? Here Are 4 Good Reasons

It’s amazing how many roles require a good working knowledge of Excel so it’s no surprise that Excel often forms part of an interview assessment for many employers when they are loing to fill a vacancy. But there’s to Excel than just upping your CV and employability. Most people who don’t use Excel avoid...